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The highly intuitive 12-month dateless planner makes financial literacy easy to understand, empowering customers to make wise financial decisions and live a healthy lifestyle.


Striving to pioneer digital learning, our top-tier financial planner elevates personal money management to new heights. Offering a unique blend of self-guided and e-learning features, our hybrid approach sets us apart from the rest. Users can delve into our planner's depths, accessing tutorials, answer keys, and more with a simple QR-code scan. Tailored to each user's journey, it's the ultimate tool for crafting debt solutions, mastering financial planning, and fostering learning. Designed as a proactive safeguard against economic uncertainty, it delivers the peace of mind you deserve.

Discover the boundless potential of our Financial Situation Planner and immerse yourself in its monthly layout and 12-month learning guide below.


1. Overview

Each month, delve into a concise overview of one key financial literacy topic and explore our 12-month learning guide below for a glimpse into the wealth of knowledge awaiting you.

2. Planning & Learning

Utilize our undated planner to learn at your preferred pace while efficiently organizing your finances. Accompanied by a customizable study guide template, tailor your academic path to suit your individual learning journey.

3. Templates

While our planner boasts unique features, it retains the functionality of a traditional planner. Anticipate finding familiar elements such as calendars, wellness trackers, money trackers, and beyond.

Learning Guide


The 12 topics of our financial literacy learning guide are listed below. To see a brief overview of the topics hover over each box using your desktop.


Month One

  • Goal Setting 

  • The Budgeting Rule 

  • Expenses 

  • Financial Scams 


Month Two

  • Cash Envelopes vs. Sinking Funds

  • High Yield Savings Account

  • Retirement Fund 

  • Annual Savings Money Jar

Debt Relief

Month Three

  • Understanding Interest 
  • Loans 

  • Debt-to-Income Ratio 

  • Reasonable Debt Rule

Excellent Credit

Month Four

  • ​Credit Score Explained 

  • True Cost of a Credit Card Purchase 

  • Calculating Credit Card Interest

  • Credit Card Best Practices

Passive Income

Month Five

  • ​Annual Passive Income Goal 

  • Financial Risk Management

  • Stock Market for Beginners

  • Investment Plan

Banking Options

Month Six

  • Finding the Right Bank 

  • Financial Management

  • Important Financial Contacts List 

Smart Investments

Month Seven

  • ​E-commerce & Drop shipping 

  • Forex Explained 

  • How to Day Trade

  • Trading Plan

Financial Tools

Month Eight

  • ​9 Best Finance Apps

  • How to Create a Digital Product to Sell

  • How to Monetize Your Instagram 

  • Self-Branding for Instagram

Real Estate Investments

Month Nine

  • How to Get Started with Real Estate Investing

  • Real Estate Investment Strategies


Month Ten

  • Finding Your Dream Home 

  • House/Apartment Checklist

  • Home Buying Checklist 

  • Fixed Rate Mortgage 

Tax Relief

Month Eleven

  • Taxes Explained 
  • Tax Deductions for Self-Employed 

  • Tax Tricks and Secrets

Financial Emergencies

Month Twelve

  • Financial Crises 
  • Default, Deferment & Forbearance Payments 

  • Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

  • Money Addictions

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